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Texas Pond Maintenance Benefits for Pond Owners
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Pond owners in the greater North Texas area welcome the appreciation for the many benefits their ponds bring to the environment.

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One benefit that’s particularly popular is Texas pond maintenance benefits for pond owners. These include water cleanliness, recreation, and environmental protection.

Our Pond Maintenance Services
Pond Dredging

We have the capability to dredge and maintain small ponds. Our services will also extend to cleaning and restoring these ponds by removing particles and debris. Signs of poor water quality include bad algae or pond scum and the accumulation of leaves and other organic matter, which can cause destruction to the water ecosystem. This can be hazardous to your pond bank and the surrounding environment and the health of your fish. We provide this service with the highest quality standards at an affordable price.

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Pond Maintenance Plan

Pest Hunters Texas Pond Maintenance provides pond maintenance services to maintain ponds as healthy and valuable bodies of water. We understand that the creation and upkeep of a pond is a major undertaking that requires the best team available. We provide a wide range of services to maintain and improve ponds including: pond sealing and deepening, pond scum removal, pond algae removal, pest control and pond fountains among many others. If you would like to learn more, please contact us.

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Pond Scum & Algae Removal

Pond scum, or algae, is a layer of colorless and odorless which floats at the surface of a body of water. Depending on the depth of the pond and the amount of light that is reaching the pond scum, it can have varying colors such as green to dark brown. It can also form a thin film on the surface of the pond water. Pond scum affects the way pond water tastes, making it difficult to swim, and it can even give off a foul odor. Algae growth in ponds is caused by oxygen not reaching water. The growth is rapid during these times, robbing the oxygen that fish and other pond life need. We use an aerator to create more circulation in the water, which prevents algae from overgrowing.

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Pond Fountains & Installation

Installing a pond fountain is a great way to make your pond a focal point in your landscape. Not only will the fountain look beautiful, but it will also filter the water and add oxygen to reduce the amount of algae. Adding a fountain in your pond will also reduce the amount of sediment that is introduced during your pond dredging process. Pond fountains are an efficient way to create a lush and fresh-smelling environment at your pond! Types of Fountains for Your Pond The types of pond fountains that can be added to your pond are standard water features, waterfall fountains, bubble fountains, a sign fountain, and dry and dryless fountains. And there are new types of fountains on the market as well such as the bio-habitat, the solar-powered pond fountain and the bubbling pond fountain.

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Solar, Wind, or Electric Aeration

Pond aeration is an essential process for swimming pond care. By adding oxygen to the water via aeration, fish, plants, and animals can all thrive. These benefits include: increased swimming area with more fish, protection of your pond from other pollutants, and fewer algae levels. There are several different types of pond aeration units but all do the same thing. They provide oxygen to your pond and help increase water circulation for faster, better pond water treatment. Aeration also helps prevent the buildup of hydrogen sulfide, which is an environmental concern.

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Dock Installation and Repair

Installing a dock for your pond brings numerous benefits. This includes adding safety, accessibility, easy access and a new attraction to your pond. Storing your equipment will also become more convenient when you have one built near your pond. You can use the dock to secure fishing poles, extra chairs, and even a grill to entertain guests. Essentially, docks offer the perfect storage solution for your pond equipment. We also provide dock repair services. Whether it's a broken dock, rail, or post, we can help you out. Our team of skilled dock repair professionals will ensure your dock is secure and safe for you, your pets, and the local wildlife. Call us today for any dock repair service. We offer free estimates for dock repair services. If you live in the North Texas area and need a dock-repair or replacement, we’re here to help.

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Sealing and Deepening Ponds

When it comes to maintaining ponds and water features, investing in the right type of sealant can help you protect the investment you’ve made in your pond or water feature. There are many types of sealants that are designed, in part, to help prevent pond or water feature leaks. This will help ensure that your pond or water feature doesn’t drain away too quickly and becomes useless in a matter of weeks. Deepening of ponds and adding irrigation systems require a wide range of technical knowledge and as we all know, there are many complicated issues to consider. Thankfully, our expert staff of Texas pond consultants and Texas pond construction contractors are more than up to the task. Our trusted team has been committed to helping pond owners through all phases of construction, maintenance, and repairs. To learn more about what we do, take a moment to speak with us.

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Remove cattails from your pond

Part of the importance of pond maintenance lies in seeding the ecosystem. In addition to planting your own plants in your pond, you should also fertilize your pond regularly. Our pond service, provides cattail removal services, which can help to create a higher-quality ecosystem. Our professional team can help you to control the pond environment so you can enjoy the health benefits of your garden pond over the long-term.

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